Notes about my talks

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πŸ”— 2020

πŸ”— 2018

  • Computing Difference Term Operations in Polynomial Time
    BLAST Conference, University of Denver

  • Why Universal Algebra Needs Inductive, Dependent Types
    Oregon Programming Languages Summer School

  • A Tutorial Introduction to the Lean Prover
    University of Colorado Logic Seminar

  • The Lambda Calculus and Dependent Type Theory University of Colorado Logic Seminar

πŸ”— 2017

πŸ”— 2016

πŸ”— 2015

πŸ”— 2014

  • What Does a Nonabelian Group Sound Like?
    MAA Special Session: At the Intersection of Mathematics and the Arts

πŸ”— 2013

πŸ”— 2012

  • The Finite Lattice Representation Problem in Four Parts
    University of South Carolina Algebra and Logic Seminar

  • Interval Sublattice Enforceable Properties of Finite Groups The 31st Ohio State-Denison Zassenhaus Conference

  • Expansions of Finite Algebras and their Congruence Lattices {Honolulu, HI 2012} {American Mathematical Society sectional meeting} {} {(slides)}


  • {Intervals in Subgroup Lattices and Permutation Representations} {Cullowhee, NC 2012} {Western Carolina University Group Theory Seminar}


πŸ”— 2011

  • Recent Progress on the Finite Lattice Representation Problem Fellows Presentations of the Honolulu Chapter of ARCS

πŸ”— 2009

  • The Finite Lattice Representation Problem First Joint Meeting of Korean and American Mathematical Societies, Seoul