Notes about my work

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My main specialty is universal algebra; current projects focus on lattice theory, computational complexity, and universal algebraic approaches to constraint satisfaction problems. Other research interests include logic, category theory, type theory, functional programming, computer-aided mathematical proof and formalization of mathematics.

My research statement summarizes some of my research projects. Some of that information can also be found in this post.


Notes on my teaching philosophy and experience

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My teaching statement discusses my teaching philosophy and experience in great detail. Some of that information can also be found in this post.


Documentation for background theory underlying the lean-ualib

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(Shown above is a general formulation of composition of operations in dependent type theory, as derived here.)

This page will collect some posts that explain the technical notation and background needed to understand our formal implementation of universal algebra in the Lean theorem proving language.

Math PhD Exams

Exams in Group Theory, Ring Theory, Complex Analysis, and Real Analysis

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🔗 Comprehensive Exams in Mathematics